WARC 4 elements Yagi 17/12m

Installed on June 9th 2006, the result was immediate in DXing! On the first night, means 22h UTC, midnight in Paris, I have worked VI9NI and T30AV on 17m, breaking a JA pile-up! On second day, again VI9NI, but with 5 watts, again on 17m!... Compare with the GP still installed, 4m above the ground, and with 4 radials, at least 1 to 2 S-points difference with the yagi… On the days after, I made many comparisons between the 2 antennas, and just after one week, the GP was down! After about 2 years of usage, the results are very good, for a “simple” 2 el on each band.

On 17m, quite often while running USA (full qso), I received good reports and some comment as “single signal on the dead band”. Compare to the GP on which I can work only stations running yagi, I can now have qso with OMs using wires, vertical, or low power (such as a JA2 running 200mW onto a wire!)


Installed over the TH3MK3, 2m below, no interaction was noticed. The 4el was installed first, tested without any adjustment, and them the TH3 was installed, and no difference!


Antennas on pictures: TH3MK3 @ 11m up, DXD1712-4 (4el 17/12m) DxBeam @ 13m

On the roof to install antennas: F6ICX (Eric), F8CPB (Jean-Patrick), F4EKS (Jean-Philip) and F6GCP.


Parts from delivery

Some details

the boom part


After assembly, in the garden, close to the TH3mk3

Assembly in the garden

Both antennas

The tower (6m) before climbing the antennas

Boom fixation on the mast...

Up and Up...

Up and Up...

It will going up soon...

Close to the final...

Few minutes to wait for first QSO!

The final result!

A 20 years old dream!

all pictures of antennas installation (here)

Measurements with MFJ259B
(15m long coax cable H100)