Yagi 3el 50Mhz (6m band) DXM6-3
DXBeam (F6ARC)

The Final Assembly (2008)!

Why the 3el 50Mhz is 90 shifted?
First, the reality : the spacing between the TH3MK3 and the DXBeam DX1712-4  is only 2m!
Means that the 3el-6M is 1m away from each HF beam! Not enough...
A good spacing is half of the largest boom length. The 2 yagis have about the same boom length : 4m.
So the spacing is : 2m! That's it!

To insert another antenna, the spacing should be 2m from each antenna, means a mast of 4m! I have to forget this idea!

So first, we have set the new 3el in the same direction as the other yagis (see pictures "montage"), but the first measurements made confirmed what I have supposed! (SWR over 1.8, antenna QRG shifted from 50.100 to 50.450...). By simply rotate the 6m yagi, the measurements came back to initial value...